'Unmasked: Corruption in the West' co-authored with Anne-Christine Wegener (below) analyses corruption in the ‘developed’ world of the USA and Europe and shows how deep the problem has become across the economy and society.


"This is an important book on an uncomfortable subject. Corruption is big business and hugely damaging. Defeating it will take a focused effort by governments, and that will only happen if people wake up to what is going on."

-Paul Collier, author of 'Exodus: Immigration and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century'

"In ‘Unmasked’ Cockcroft and Wegener provide a needed antidote to the idea that corruption is a malady confined to the developing world. In this clear-headed analysis, they systematically show how the West’s political donors, big business, offshore havens and organised crime have created a parallel universe of corrupt deals and conflicts of interest that cost all of us dearly. If you care about transparency and a clean society, put this book on your reading list."

-David E. Kaplan, Global Investigative – Journalism Network

"This thorough analysis of contemporary corruption in the developed world goes beyond the scandals that regularly attract attention and probes the complex forces that undermine politics, business and contemporary life. This path-breaking book combines fine research with a highly readable text making it accessible to a broad audience. This work will advance in important ways our understanding of what we must do to address this corrosive corruption."

-Louise I. Shelley, 'author of Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime and Terrorism'.

"This is a tour de force, exposing the essence of how our global predatory economic system has captured and corrupted our supposedly democratic societies. Cockcroft and Wegener brilliantly describe how, far from simple cash exchanges in brown envelopes, corruption is a rampant cancer sitting in the heart of our countries’ democratic systems of checks and balances. AT a moment of ever more corporate scandals, rising demagoguery of populist politicians, and massive voter outrage confusion and disengagement, this could not be a more prescient and urgent read for all those who wish to see democracy mean something – where those elected by the people, actually serve the interests of the people."

-Simon Taylor, Co-founder and Director, Global Witness.


'Global Corruption' represents the author's accumulated experience working extensively in the developing world, co-founding TI and developing strategies to combat governmental and corporate indifference to corruption issues in both the developed world and developing world.

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"Corruption is a tax on development, whose main victims are the world's poorest people. But wherever it grows, it hollows out governing institutions and undermines prosperity and stability.Laurence Cockcroft has written a brilliant analysis of its scale and malign results. His book deserves a place on the library shelf of everyone committed to a sustainable development in free and plural societies"

-Lord Patten, former European Commissioner and former Governor of Hong Kong

"Laurence Cockcroft has built a formidable reputation as an anti-corruption crusader and co-founder of Transparency International. He deserves personal credit for the development of anti-bribery legislation. His views on the way forward deserve close attention."

-Vince Cable

"You can save a lot of money and time by reading this book in which Laurence Cockcroft provides a candid narrative, distilling his experience in countries all over the world on corruption and its possible solutions. This makes for fascinating reading; Cockcroft allows you to understand that there is no chaos but only complexity."

-Luis Moreno-Ocampo, former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

"This thought-provoking book takes a wide sweep through the cause of corruption and its historical reality. It is a problem that will never disappear but must be constantly challenged and contained. This book will assist the struggle."

-Clare Short, Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and former Secretary of State for International Development